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Queen Anne Review Blog - 6/20/11
Queen Anne students donate $1,000 to YWCA
Students at the Queen Anne Community School and Young Child Academy donated $1,000 to the YWCA of Seattle, King and Snohomish counties to support services for homeless children last month.

The Saratogan - 6/20/11
Ballston spa students present Penny Harvest grants to area non-profits and organizations
Ballston Spa students collected more than $8,000 in pennies during the fall for the Penny Harvest Program.

SI Live - 6/17/11
Pennies collected by students add up at PS 60
Students at PS 60 in Staten Island collected more than $2,500, putting PS 60 in the Top Five among Staten Island schools that participated in Penny Harvest this school year.

Wicked Local news (Yarmouth) - 6/16/11
Joan Shostak: Penny, Education Foundation for Dennis and Yarmouth: Harvest a worthwhile project
Ezra H. Baker Elementary School for the Penny Harvest Projectholds its Penny Harvest Check Award Ceremony.

NY 1 News - 6/13/11 (video)
Pre-Kindergarten Students Team With Seniors On Art Project
Pre-kindergarten students from PS/IS 87 collaborated on an art project with a group of seniors Monday in honor of the late Judith Scott, a deaf artist with down syndrome.

Hastings Tribune - 6/13/11
Sandy Creek students collection pennies for good cause
Sandy Creek fifth grade students collect pennies for good cause.

Long Island Herald - 6/9/11
Clarke M.S. celebrates a decade of Penny Harvest
Students at W. Tresper Clarke Middle School in the East Meadow School District held their Tenth Annual Penny Harvest Award Presentation Assembly.

Balton Spa Central School District - 6/8/11
Students Present Penny Harvest Grants to Area Organizations
Students in the Balton Spa District raise over $8,000 for the Penny Harvest.

Milton Terrace North Elementary School News – 6/1/11
Students Present Penny Harvest Grants to Area Organizations
Students at Milton Terrace North Elementary raised over $8,000 in pennies which they gave away to local charities.

My High School Journalism - 5/24/11
Bryant Lends a Helping Hand
Bryant High School students help their community through the Penny Harvest.

NYC Service Blog - 5/23/11
AmeriCorp Week Kick-Off 2011!
Common Cents Fellow/ Americorps Vista Katherine Cho reflects on her experiences working with Common Cents.

Ballard News Tribune - 5/18/11
At Large in Ballard: Quinn Smart, Philanthropist
An inspiring Seattle student is chosen as a speaker at an annual fundraising event.

Kempe Foundation - 5/17/11
Bromwell Elementary School students raise over $500 for Kempe through Penny Harvest
Students at Bromwell Elementary School in Cherry Creek North raised over $500 for The Kempe Foundation through The Penny Harvest.

Not Enough Good Blog - 4/29/11
Penny Harvest Run for Change
Reflection on the Penny Harvest by Development intern Ufuoma Barbara Akpotaire.

West Seattle Blog - 4/24/11
West Seattle schools: gateway givers!
Seattle students at Gateway Elementary participate in the Roundtable decision making process.

Trib Local/ Downers Grove - 4/24/11
Lester Pennies Add Up for Japan
The Lester Elementary Student Council organized a Penny Harvest to raise disaster relief funds for Japan.

The Columbus Foundation - 4/22/11
The Columbus Foundation Awards Bicentennial Grant To See Kids Dream
The Columbus Foundation has announced a grant to See Kids Dream to expand the Penny Harvest service learning program to 50 schools throughout central Ohio next school year.

Various Outlets- 4/14/11
Common Cents Works with Definition 6 to Launch Penny Harvest Campaign in New York
Common Cents, an educational organization specializing in hands-on learning announced today that it has launched a Times Square billboard to decry the school drop-out rate and link the fight to save our schools with its Penny Harvest program.
New York Times
Time Square Crossroads
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Kota Territorial News
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The Business Journal
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Daily Motion
American Banking & Marker News

West Seattle Blog- 4/11/11
West Seattle for Japan: Pathfinder’s ‘Penny Harvest’ donation
Pathfinder K-8 students in Seattle concentrate their roundtable giving on reliefe efforts for Japan following the Earthquake.

West Seattle Herald - 4/10/11
West Seattle for Japan relief effort raised $8591; letter sent to corporate donor to match
West 5 Restaurant in Seattle matches Penny Harvest funds raised for Japan Relief efforts.

Federal Way News - 4/6/11
Penny Harvest teaches children the power of philanthropy
Madison Middle School Penny harvest students make decisions abotu how to allocate their funds.

SI Live - 4/3/11
Petrides students to spend spring break building a house in New Mexico
Petrides Penny harvest students spend their spring break building a house in New Mexico.

Arvada - 3/22/11
Making the Grade (video)
"Making the Grade" showcases items of interest in the world of education. In this segment, young philanthropists at Meiklejohn Elementary break a state record for the Penny Harvest.

NY1 News - 2/15/11
Middle School Students Raise $4,300 In Annual Penny Harvest Drive (video)
NY1 VIDEO: A student panel gathered at Intermediate School 72 in New Springville to discuss how to distribute $4,300 collected during the school's annual Penny Harvest.

Time Magazine For Kids– December 2010/January 2011 Issue
Kids Count! With Penny Harvest students raise money to help their communities
Time Magazine for Kids highlights the Penny harvest in a special issue.

Staten Island Live– 1/20/11
PS 55 dedicates renovated library to dedicated teacher Alyce Free
Students at PS 55 dedicated their renovated library to a former Penny Harvest Coach.

Huffington Post– 12/24/10
Education's Trojan Horse
The Penny Harvest is mentionedin a Huffignton Post article by a Penny Harvest Coach in Brooklyn, NY.

Riverdale School News – 12/3/10
Lower School's Penny Harvest Raises $2,800
Riverdale School students collected 38 sacks of pennies valued at $1,900 plus an additional $900 in silver coins and cash totaling $2,800.

East meadow Herald– 11/26/10
Clarke Middle School kicks off Penny Harvest
W. T. Clarke Middle School has embarked on its 10th year of joining with Common Cents New York for Penny Harvest.

Queens Gazzette – 11/24/10
One Penny At A Time 
Astoria’s P.S. 85, elementary student council members led by their teacher Sonya Roselli, dropped by Councilmember Peter F. Vallone Jr.’s office during their annual Penny Harvest collection.

Bloganthropy– 11/23/10
9 Expert Tips for Teaching Children about Giving and Volunteering 
The Penny Harvest is one of many ways to give children ways to give and volunteer in their community.

The Seattle Times– 11/22/10
A kindness not soon forgotten
Seattle Penny Harvest students make a difference in one homeless man's life.

Brooklyn Friends School Blog – 11/22/10
2nd Graders Bring in the Harvest (video and pictures included)
Brooklyn Friends School continues their longstanding tradition of participating in the Penny Harvest.

YouTube – 11/19/10
Superhero search (YouTube video) 
A video made by Students at Adams Elementary in Seattle, WA to promote their Penny Harvest.

East Meadow Patch – 11/19/10
Clarke Middle School Kicks off 2010 Penny Harvest
Students at W.T. Clarke in Wesbury participate in the Penny Harvest for the 10th year in a row. – 11/17/10
Roxborough Elementary raises pennies for a good cause
Students at Roxborough Elementary in Denver, CO gather pennies for the Penny Harvest.

Wicked Local News – 11/10/10
Empowering children one penny at a time
Students at Ezra H. Baker Elementary School in West Dennis, MA gather pennies for the Penny Harvest (photo gallery included).

Deodi Nandan Education Trust– 11/10/10
Penny Harvest Time!
A Penny harvest Grantee organization gives a shout-out to students. – 11/4/10
Staten Island School for Civic Leadership hopes to collect 24 sacks of pennies to donate to charity
Students at a Staten Island school gear up for their 2nd annual Penny Harvest!

Associated Content – 10/29/10
Penny Harvest Program Teaches Youth Philanthopy at P.S. 154 in Prospect Heights
P.S. 154 Magnet School for Science and Technology gear up for the Penny Harvest.

Philanthropy UK - Autumn 2010 issue
The future of giving is with 'little Hans'
Michael Alberg-Seberich, executive partner at Active Philanthropy in Germany and one of the leaders helping bring the Penny Harvest there, reflects on youth philanthropy.

The Columbus Dispatch – 9/8/10
School children learning value of donated pennies
A review of the Penny Harvest in Columbus Ohio which is run by See Kids Dream Foundation.

Wicked Local news (Yarmouth, MA) – 9/2/10
A fresh start: There’s plenty that’s new at D-Y schools
Students at Ezra H. Baker Elementary School in West Dennis, Yarmouth, MA gear up for the Penny Harvest. – 8/31/10
Penny Harvesters hope to raise serious coin with Worthington run
Students in Ohio participate in a 5K Run to benefit See Kids Dream, the local Penny Harvest affiliate.

Gwendolyn Strong Blog – 8/1/10
Children Helping Children Part 1
A Bronx School supports an organization that helps people affected by Spinal Muscular Atrophy.

Children's Aid Society Blog- 7/16/10
These Kids Have Common Cents!
Students at P.S. 1 in Manhattan donate money to the Children's Aid Society

ABC News Denver- 7/14/10
Students at 43 Schools Collected Money
Students in Denver make 131 grants

SI Live- 7/8/10
Staten Island youngsters collect pennies for preemies
Students from P.S. 19 donate to the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit at Richmond University Medical Center

Manhattan Times- 7/8/10
For P.S. 48 students, helping the less fortunate is Common Cents
Students in Washington Heights, Manhattan help their neighbors

SI Live- 7/6/10
P.S. 19 Students Donate Money to Favorite Charity
Staten Island students donate money to the zoo

LI Herald- 7/2/10
Clarke M.S. raise $4,000 for several charities
Long Island students celebrate nine years of Penny Harvesting

Columbus Parent Magazine- 6/29/10
Elementary students recognized for their charitable activity
Students in Columbus, Ohio address the needs of their community

Autism Speaks Blog- 6/21/10
Just Like Them
Students at P.S. 7 in Brooklyn donate money to Autism Speaks

Federal Way Mirror- 6/18/10
Green Gables Elementary's Penny Harvest benefits Friends of Hylebos and Soldiers Angels
Seattle students donate to worthy causes

SI Live- 6/17/10
Pennies collected by students add up at P.S. 60
Staten Island students learn teamwork and compassion through the Penny Harvest

Queens Courier- 6/11/10
P.S. 232 collects $8G in pennies
Students at P.S. 232 are proud Penny Harvesters

Times Union- 6/5/10
Pupils find giving won't cost a pretty penny
Students from Veeder Elementary School in Albany, NY get a lesson in philanthropy

Have a Heart Childrens Cancer Society
Penny Harvest Check Award Ceremony photos
Photos taken at school award ceremonies

Columbus Local news- 6/6/10
Circle celebrates commitment of grandparents
Sixth grade Penny Harvest student awarded at banquet 6/2/10
Monroe Township school completes campaign
New Jersey school completes Penny Harvest

Magnolia Voice- 6/2/10
Pennies add up for Lawton students
Seattle school donates to Red Cross and Homeless 2 Renter

Columbus Parent Magazine- 5/25/10
Students Show Community How to Make Every Penny Count
Columbus students complete their second year of Penny Harvest

Federal Way News- 5/25/10
Every Penny Counts: Hyleob awarded a Penny Harvest grant
King County school in Washington donates to Friends of the Hyleobs

Magnolia Voice- 5/20/10
Fatima students raise funds
Seattle school donates to Red Cross and The Association for Catholic Childhood

Family Tree- 5/10
Denver Public School Kids Make $1,000 Difference
Denver public school awards grant to grateful nonprofit

Cultureshoq- 5/19/10
Cole Haan Sponsors Common Cents Benefit Recap
Cultureshoq summarizes the Common Cents benefit
Fashion Windows- 5/18/10
Cole Haan Hosts the Glitterati of "The Moth"
Penny Harvest benefit features New York celebrities

Staten Island Live- 5/10/10
West Brighton resident hailed for work on behalf of children
Local children's advocate honored by New York City, non-profit supported by Penny Harvest students

Columbus Parent Magazine- 4/27-10
Students debate ways to use small change to make a big impact
Students discuss important issues during Penny Harvest Roundtable

Seattle Post Intelligencer- 4/23/10
Penny Harvest Youth Philanthropy Summit
Grandmother loves Penny Harvest

Q13 Fox- 3/24/10
Charitable Giving Program Needs Donations
Seattle Penny Harvest sets record for fundraising but the program needs donations to continue

Columbus Parent Magazine- 3/23/10
Students Learn and Become Empowered to Help Others Through Penny Harvest
Columbus students participate in Penny Harvest for second year

Solid Ground- 3/9/10
Bellevue students join teen activists in Youth Summit
Penny Harvest students represented in Youth Summit

Solid Ground Blog- 3/3/10
Penny Harvest student leaders learn "What love feels like"
Students learn life lessons through Penny Harvest

Columbus Parent Magazine- 2/23/10
Penny Harvest program helps students make a difference in their community
Penny Harvest helps students develop leadership skills

This Week- 2/17/10
Crimson Cup signs on for Penny Harvest program
Columbus school joins Penny Harvest

Solid Ground Blog- 2/9/10
Can children really make a difference?
Kathleen Penna reflects on the Penny Harvest

Your Hub- 2/22/10
Kids collect more than 5.3 million pennies for charity
Colorado students donate over $50,000 to charities

Columbus Parent Magazine- 1/26/10
Students celebrate the results of the second Penny Harvest in Columbus
Students, parents, teachers, and community members celebrate Penny Harvest

Daily News- 1/25/10
Hardhats help schoolkids at P.S. 119 raise big bucks for Haiti earthquake victims
Penny Harvest students raise money for Haiti

Solid Ground- 3/3/10
Penny Harvest student leaders learn "what love feels like" 
Students in Washington make big decisions.

Columbus Parent Magazine- 2/23/10
Penny Harvest program helps students make a difference in their community
Penny Harvest is raising awareness in Columbus, Ohio.

Your Hub- 2/22/10
Kids collect more 5.3 million pennies for charity
Students in Colorado have donated more than $100,000 to local causes over last three years

New York Times- 1/27/10
Lack of Money Thwarts a Family Devastated by a Fire and Trying to Rebuild
Penny Harvest students donate to a family within their school.

Columbus Parent Magazine- 1/26/10
Students celebrate the results of the second penny harvest in Columbus
Penny Harvest students celebrate penny harvest with community.

Daily News- 1/25/10
Hardhats help schoolkids at P.S. 119 raise big bucks for Haiti earthquake victims
Penny Harvest students raise money for Haiti.

New York Times- 1/17/10
Common Cents is the proud recipient of a team of New York City Civic Corps volunteers.A New York Volunteer Effort Will Soon Spread to 10 Cities

United Way- 1/14/09
Every Penny Counts
Seattle area students contribute to their communities with Penny Harvest

North Jersey News- 1/14/10
JCC raises $1,300 for Penny Harvest
Kaplen JCC on the Palisades, a New Jersey non-profit, runs the Penny Harvest

Columbus Foundation- 12/09
Penny Harvest program connects students with community issues.
Students across Ohio participate in the Penny Harvest with support of Columbus Foundation.

Ballard News-Tribune- 10/31/09
At Large in Ballard: Penny for your thoughts
Students at Adams Elementary School in Seattle, WA learn the joy of giving through the Penny Harvest.

Columbus Parent - 7/14/09
Penny Harvest Liberty Students Award Grant to Assistance League of Metro Columbus
Students in Columbus, Ohio use their Penny harvest funds to support organizations in their community.

Cure Childhood Cancer - 7/13/09
Penny Harvest Liberty Students Award Grant to Assistance League of Metro Columbus
Penny Harvest students make a grant in support of a Childhood Cancer organization.

NY1 News - 6/27/09
Penny Harvest Pays Off For Queens Community (video included)
Students and faculty from I.S. 192 in Queens presented checks to various organizations in the c

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