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May 3, 2012

Recapping The 2012 Penny Harvest Run for Change! 

By David Inkeles, School Support Fellow/NYC Civic Corps 

Sunday, April 29th, 2012, marked the second annual Run for Change! A 5k Walk, Run, Rally to celebrate the hard work of the thousands of students, teachers, and friends, who all work to help make the Penny Harvest the largest, and most successful, child-philanthropy program in the nation! 

The day kicked off shortly after 9am, with over 1,000 runners and school teams gathering at Pier 84 on the West Side of Manhattan, decked out in their fashionable “Run for Change” t-shirts, wielding home-made signs, posters, flags, and even a larger-than-life sized piggy bank! As the runners fueled up for the 5k with hot cider, coffee, and breakfast, students and teams mingled with fellow students, teachers, parents, and Common Cents supporters from around the world. 

After some words of motivation from Adam Seidel, Managing Director at Common Cents, and City Council Member Gale Brewer, the runners (and walkers too) were ready to take off! 

When the starting gun went off, some of the most energetic and enthusiastic teachers, students, parents and friends in the world ran, walked, marched, and jogged their way to the Finish Line at Stuyvesant High School. Students pushed their teachers to keep on going, teachers motivated parents to run, walk, or rally harder, and Penny Harvest alumni cheered on current harvesters. 

The Run for Change! was a celebration of the power of children, service-learning, and all the parents, teachers, and volunteers, who help make philanthropy and service in our schools possible through keeping the Penny Harvest program they know and love alive and running. 

After the run, participants were able to pose with trophies and giant pennies in our photo booth, receive tickets to tour the nearby 9/11 Memorial and students were encouraged to start planning for next year. Far and away, the most popular and inspirational activity of the day was the decoration of the Passion Flag. By the time the flag was complete, it was filled with hundreds of individual pledges, aspirations, and issues our runners cared about, ranging from the elderly to children in need and environmental preservation. 

In many ways, the Passion Flag itself encompassed the spirit of the day, and what Common Cents as an organization is all about: to raise a new generation of informed, capable and caring young citizens by turning small change into large deeds. On Sunday, April 29th, 2012, every attendee at the second annual Run for Change! witnessed the power of our Penny Harvesters and the direct impact they all have in their communities. 

If you didn’t get a chance to attend this year’s event, support your local school, or a runner you know, don’t worry! It’s not too late to miss out on the spirit of the day by continuing to support this great mission! 

If you were a part of Sunday’s celebration, take a few minutes to let the world know about your experience at the second annual Run for Change! Here
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