Common Cents Mission: Common Cents, creator of the Penny Harvest, nurtures a new generation of caring and capable young people between the ages of four and 24 by enabling them to strengthen their communities through philanthropy and service-learning.

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Making a difference at Adams Elementary School (video)
Click here to view a video made by Adams Students celebrating their harvest!
Click here to view the video used to kick-off this year's harvest at Adams!



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Solid Ground
administers the Penny Harvest in Seattle/King County in coordination with Common Cents

Penny Harvest Seattle

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IT'S...service-learning...Community Building...Character Education...Youth Philanthropy...Leadership

The Penny Harvest is a year-round service-learning program that engages students between the ages of four and 14 in community building, character education and leadership. The processes of philanthropy -- gathering pennies, grant-making, taking action -- introduces students to the power of giving and service, and in turn, students learn they can enact change in their communities.




  • Improves attendance
  • Increases academic effort
  • Sharpens communication and leadership skills
  • Enhances school community and culture
  • Increases self-worth
  • Improves ability to work with others
  • Increases parental involvement in the school
    Source: Teacher Survey, Dr. Chris Weiss, the Director of Quantitative Methods in the Social Sciences, Columbia University

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    • The Penny Harvest is FREE for your school.*
    • A Curriculum Guide, which includes academically-   integrated lessons, activities and hand-outs
    • A Penny Harvest Kit, including penny bags, penny sacks, family guides, leader pins, stickers and posters for every student in your school
    • Professional development for the Penny Harvest Coach in your school
    • Year-round administrative and logistical support
    * Support from our donors covers the full cost of running the program at your school (averaging $1,500 per school).  The children donate every penny to a charitable cause.

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    • Appoint a charismatic, community-minded teacher or staff member to facilitate the program.
    • Start engaging you students in this exciting opportunity!

    “Penny Harvest is a valuable service-learning initiative that teaches students that they can make a real difference in their community and plants the seed for a lifetime of activism”
    - Denise Katz, Teacher, New York, NY
    “Seldom does a program come along that has the ability to impact a school and community to the level that the Penny Harvest does. Parents consistently tell me that the Penny Harvest is the most worthwhile event that takes place at our school all year!”
    -KC Gottschalk, Principal, Albany, NY
    “We work with students who come from very needy families and yet they were excited to share and felt very good about giving back to their communities.”
    - Svetlana Mamedova, Teacher, Seattle, WA

    “The Penny Harvest experience enhances our students’ decision-making and leadership skills, while fostering a sense of teamwork and collaboration”
    - Pat Lieberman, Assistant Principal, New York, NY
    “This is learning! It’s about how to help others. This is just as important as reading and writing.”
    - Eric Nezowitz, former Principal, Staten Island, NY

    Click here for the PDF of our School Information Brochure.

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