Common Cents Mission: Common Cents, creator of the Penny Harvest, nurtures a new generation of caring and capable young people between the ages of four and 24 by enabling them to strengthen their communities through philanthropy and service-learning.

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Call us at 212-PENNIES - Common Cents New York is dedicated to advancing social justice and equal opportunity by emboldening a generation of young people to become community activists and good citizens during their youth.
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Registration for the 2014 Run for Change! is now open. Come join us in celebrating the power of schools doing good.

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Beginning as a family project in one child’s apartment building, the Penny Harvest has blossomed into a year-long educational program in a thousand schools nationwide.  Half a million students between the ages of four and fourteen are already enrolled and Common Cents is poised to serve millions more.
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Contact Common Cents

Whether your vision is to help us expand the Penny Harvest to the entire country, or just to your school, we want to hear from you.

Learn more about the Penny Harvest, how it works, and the outcomes for students, schools, and the community.  Check out stories from the field, read recent news features. 

Also watch our new Penny Harvest film about what is already the largest youth philanthropy program in the USA.


I want to expand the Penny Harvest to:
I am not connected to schools, but:

Everywhere! (Multiple States):

All children deserve authentic opportunities to contribute to their communities.  Already the Penny Harvest is providing such opportunities in a 1,000 schools across the nation, but thousands more want the program, and would benefit from it.  Common Cents is committed to partnering with corporations, governments, foundations, institutions, organizations, and individuals who share our vision. To learn more, please contact Gracie Rifino at

My Community’s Schools:

Cities like Seattle; states like Colorado and Florida have already signed on to the Penny Harvest movement.  Organizations and institutions with strong local roots, school experience, and a commitment to service-learning and youth empowerment have already become Penny Harvest Partner Sites, and are delivering the year-long Penny Harvest program to thousands of children in their communities.  And you can too!  
WHERE TO BEGIN:  Learn more by downloading the Penny Harvest Partner Site Kit and contact Adam Seidel at 212-PENNIES

My School:

Any elementary or middle school may also Penny Harvest on its own.  If you live in or close to a Penny Harvest Office contact them for more information or sign up today!  If you do not live close to a Penny Harvest Office, check out our newest program -- Penny Harvest-in-a Box.

Once enrolled your school will receive a complete Penny Harvest Kit, at cost, which includes a service-learning curriculum guide linked to academic standards, tools for every student and student leader, professional development sessions and on-going support for your Coach to facilitate school-wide participation.  School in select cities may qualify for a scholarship to offset these costs.

WHERE TO BEGIN:  Enrollment for 13/14 will begin during the spring of 2013. Learn more by contacting Gracie Rifino.

QUESTIONS:   Call 212-PENNIES or email

I am not connected to a school but want to Penny Harvest anyway.

Everyone has pennies, and nobody wants them – so naturally, ever since we started the Penny Harvest in 1991, everyone wants to get involved.  Our year-long program is designed for schools, but if you want to gather pennies elsewhere and believe in youth empowerment, join our free mailing list.  As a member of the Common Cents Family, you will receive regular updates on program innovations and opportunities as they develop nationwide.

Stay in touch with Common Cents:

Easy!  Join our free mailing list.  As a member of the Common Cents Family, you will receive regular updates on program innovations and opportunities as they develop nationwide.
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