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The Full Pantry Project

More Resources - helpful website to continue your research
Starting in 2009, Common Cents challenged Penny Harvest students to address the difficulties individuals, and families alike, faced during the economic crisis. We asked to them think about the issue of hunger on a global scale, but to respond locally. The Full Pantry Project is an initiative to give students the ability to directly support issues dealing with hunger in their communities. In turn, many food pantries have developed strong partnerships with their neighborhood school that continue to grow each year.

Feats of Philanthropy
During the 2010-11 school year, students made 200 grants and donated over $50,000 to support families in need, local food pantries, and combatting hunger worldwide!

In 2010, Student Leaders raised approximately $44,000 to help feed families in need. In total, 137 grants were made to 44 Food Pantries in New York City.

In the Full Pantry Project’s inaugural year, 2009, Student Leaders across New York City made over 300 grants to their local food pantries totaling over $70,000! Click here to read more about the impact schools made.

How to get Involved
Email Michael Karp at with your school name and district number or contact your school support staff at 212-579-0579. We'll e-mail you within 24 hours with the food pantry nearest to your school.

And, share this letter from Penny Harvest Founder, Teddy Gross, with your whole roundtable. If every Penny Harvest school contributes, we can help every single food pantry in the city -- from Staten Island to the Bronx.

Connect with your food pantry
Already have a relationship with your nearby pantry? Call your food pantry to learn more about them and how you can help! Download this interview template for ideas.

Once you've connected with your food pantry, fill out this pledge to continue supporting your food pantry next year.

Learn more about hunger

80% of food pantries report that more families with children are coming to their pantry for food. The Penny Harvest Full Pantry Project helps New Yorkers who are struggling to feed themselves and their families. Find out more at the Global Relief: Hunger Student Resource Center.

Faces of Hunger - Video created by Penny Harvest students

Faces of Hunger is a documentary created by Global Philanthropy Student (GPS) Interns. It explores what hunger looks like in New York City.  Use the Faces of Hunger educational guide to help students deepen their understanding and dig deeper into the issue of hunger.

External Resources from the Web:

(These are good starting points for your Roundtable research; however, there is plenty more fact finding you can do!)
The Food Bank for New York City
Hunger in America
2011 World Hunger and Poverty Facts and Statistics
Hunger World Atlas
2011 Child hunger facts
End Childhood Hunger

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