Common Cents Mission: Common Cents, creator of the Penny Harvest, nurtures a new generation of caring and capable young people between the ages of four and 24 by enabling them to strengthen their communities through philanthropy and service-learning.

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The Community Foundation for the Capital Region of New York
Together, the Community Foundation for the Greater Capital Region and Common Cents administer the Penny Harvest in the Capital Region of New York.

Penny Harvest Capital Region of NY

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Hunger is a global issue…

Over 850 million people are hungry in the world. 200 million are children.

Hunger is a national issue…

13 million children in the US can not get enough food to live active, healthy lives.

Hunger is a local issue…

1.3 million New Yorkers (1 in 6) live in food insecure households. 417,000 are children.

Watch "Hunger Dreams"
A cool and educational video promoting hunger awareness, written and produced by high school students. Also available on YouTube!

Listen to WNYC
A five minute news story shares with us the need to help our local food pantries.

GIVE A full pantry project GRANT
Did your roundtable give a Full Pantry Project grant? Well, it's not too late click here and find out more information.
You may have heard in the news that the United States is suffering from an economic crisis. But did you know that it is suffering from a food crisis too? A food crisis happens when the cost of food is so high that people can’t afford to eat. This is happening in cities and towns across America, as well as in parts of Africa, Asia, South America and Europe.

A food crisis is caused by a lot of things. Bad weather destroys crops. High oil prices make it expensive to move food from one place to another. But the most important cause of the food crisis is the that a lot of this food eventually goes to waste.*

Hunger is an BIG issue that effects millions, so you’re going to have to think B.I.G. to solve it.

1. Become an Expert
2. Investigate and Find Out Who Cares
3. Get Involved and Take Action

Think B.I.G with other student leaders. Click here to download The Action Guide (TAG) for students.

 Coaches click here for additional resources.

*Information provided by World Hunger Year.

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